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We make House Calls!

Why is this important?
We understand that persons with impairments have a difficult time getting out of their home for scheduled appointments.  We have found that our ability to come to you rather than you coming to us, is the kindest aspect of the service we offer.

Social Security Disability Advocacy and Representation

Due to the intricate and complex legal rules and regulations, Social Security Disability benefits are generally difficult to obtain. Hiring an advocate on a contingency basis who knows these rules will significantly increase the claimant's ability to secure these insurance benefits.

Accu-Pro Disability Advocates have been providing advocacy and representation services since 1986 to persons with significant physical and/or mental impairments.  Unlike most firms providing this service, we believe that it is our role to complete forms, arrange appointments and navigate the bureaucratic maze on behalf of our clients.  We pride ourselves in our ability to secure a favorable outcome as quickly as possible.

What is it we can do for you?
  • Evaluate your Case
  • Complete Timely Appeals
  • Maintain Ongoing Personalized Contact
  • Provide Persistent Case Follow-up
  • Access and Submit Effective Medical Documentation
  • Strongly Advocate for You
  • Thoroughly Prepare You For Your Hearing AT YOUR HOME
  • Provide Proficient Cross Examination of Experts at your hearing
  • and - With Contingency Based Fees we don't get paid unless we Win!
Comprehensive Vocational Consulting

Injury and/or illness may prevent a person from returning to the career they have chosen or been trained to perform. A vocational consultant or rehabilitationist can assess the skills the person developed throughout their work-life and help find alternative work which utilizes these skills even though they may continue to have a disability.

In legal matters there may be a need to provide expert testimony to a court or jury regarding the financial damages the injured person would accrue over their lifetime due to an injury. The vocational expert can assess such losses and provide rationale via live testimony, depositions, and reports.
  • Vocational Expert Testimony
  • Transferable Skills Assessment
  • Labor Market Identification
  • Job Analysis
  • Career Counseling
  • Resume Development
  • Job Placement Assistance
Our Accurate and Professional assessment of your vocational potential coupled with our extensive knowledge of Social Security Disability regulations offer the best opportunity to win your case.

We Make House Calls
Phone (603) 478-4844 ~ Fax (603) 478-4845 ~ P.O. Box 1109, Hillsborough, NH 03244