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Accu-Pro Disability Advocates  has been providing Social Security Disability representation on a contingent basis.  We also offer vocational consulting and expert legal testimony on behalf of disabled or injured persons.

We have provided these services throughout the northeast from New England to Maryland since 1986 with vocational expert services focused more locally. Our clientele include persons with impairments, physicians, support groups, attorneys, and insurance companies.

Most importantly, our clients have told us that the nicest part of our service was that we come to prepare them in their home rather than them having to meet at our office.

Art was in the first cohort of examinees and successfully met the stringent criteria required to participate in the current Social Security Fee Withholding Demonstration Project for Non-Attorney Representatives.  This required passing a written examination created by the Social Security Administration to test the representatives knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures of the disability and SSI process.  In addition to passing the exam he met, and continues to meet all the other criteria including proving his abillity to successfully represent claimants for several years, maintaining professional liability insurance, passing a criminal background check, and meeting minimum educational criteria as well as annual continuing education in the area of Social Security Law.

We are proud to be an
Accredited Disability Representative - Charter Affiliate

Accredited Disability Representative

Qualified, Tested, and Working for You!  

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